As’im Smith

As’im Smith brings over a decade of experience to his current roles at Elite Fit 4 Life as Business Development Manager, Trainer, and Boxing Coach. Deeply passionate about promoting ultimate health and wellness, As’im emphasizes the importance of mobility and flexibility in achieving holistic well-being.

In his position as Business Development Manager, As’im utilizes his extensive expertise to optimize processes and build strong client relationships. 

Simultaneously, as a Trainer and Boxing Coach, As’im embodies his belief in holistic health by guiding individuals towards their fitness goals. Through personalized training programs and expert coaching, he empowers clients to enhance their physical abilities while prioritizing overall wellness.

With his dynamic blend of expertise and passion, As’im is dedicated to fostering a culture of health and vitality at Elite Fit 4 Life, inspiring others to embrace a lifestyle of wellness and fulfillment.

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